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To be able to rent a vehicle from Fend Car Rental one must hold a driving license for at least 12 months and be 23 years old and not exceeded 70. Everyone can rent a vehicle regardless of nationality.
If someone wants to rent a vehicle from Fend Car Rental must provide the following documents: 1. Identity Card or Passport 2. European or International Driving License is valid for at least 12 months 3. Credit Card VISA, Master Card or American Express for guarantee purposes which is not necessary.
Each vehicle rental includes the basic vehicle insurance (CDW), the third party insurance, 150 kilometers/day FREE* and roadside assistance. * In case you have to have more kilometers the cost is 0.20 euros / kilometer.
The minimum rental time of a vehicle from Fend Car Rental is one day (24 hours). For shorter rentals (i.e. 1,2,3 hours) the cost is the same as a daily cost. The maximum vehicle rental period offered by Fend Car Rental is 60 days. For longer and rental prices per month contact us.
At Fend Car Rental you can cars and vans of every category and may include manual or automatic transmission, gasoline, diesel or hybrid and multiple seater vans with up to 9 seats. You can see the list of our fleet.
No you can not travel outside the Greek borders with any of the vehicles of Fend Car Rental.
Yes, you could travel with our vehicles on an island but you will need special insurance coverage for this as there are extra charges for this type of transport.
The rented vehicles of Fend Car Rental may be driven only on paved roads. The damage caused by driving on unpaved roads or off-road in general (wheels, tires, bottom) can not be covered by any rented vehicle insurance.
All our rental cars can be drived by up to two authorized drivers. The second driver will be declared at booking and at the reception of the vehicle. The extra drivers that are not declared upon receipt of the vehicle at Fend Car Rental will not be covered by any insurance.
All bookings go through our online booking system on our website ( where you can book the vehicle of your choice for at least 48 hours in advance. If you would like a vehicle for the same day (Last minute booking) you should contact us by phone and pick up your vehicle even within 20 minutes (subject to availability).
In all of the cases the kilometer restriction is set at 150 km / day FREE and 0.20 euros for every extra kilometer.
Of course you can choose between infant seat, child or booster for older children.
Yes of course all of our company vehicles are fully covered from basic damage coverage (CDW) covering 1. death or damage to third parties up to 1.000.000 €, 2. Damage to third parties 1,000,000 €. For more details, please contact us
Should upon receipt of your vehicle to show a credit card for guarantee purposes regardless of the method of payment of your reservation. The Fend Car Rental binds the security of your card and when the car is returned without any damage the amount is fully released. If the customer doesn't have a credit card he/she can provide either debit or cash for the amount of the rental.
In the basic insurance and full insurance (FDW) does not include: 1. Damages will be on the tires and wheels of the vehicle 2. Break in the vehicle glasses (windshield and side windows) 3. Damages at the bottom of the vehicle 4. Loss or damage caused by misuse 5. Repair costs of refueling with the wrong fuel 6. Vehicle Key Replacement Costs 7. Replacement Expenses from loss of spare tire and various vehicle tools as well as the triangle or the extinguisher 8. Repair costs from damage to the interior or luggage compartment 9. Cleaning expenses when the vehicle's interior is excessively dirty 10. Accident management expenses by fault of the customer 11. Expenditure management fines arising during the rental period NOTE: There is no insurance that covers the customer if doesn't follow the Greek Traffic Law.
There are the following coverage you may include with your rental: 1. Vehicle Theft Protection. 2. Full security vehicle theft. 3. Personal safety. 4. Glasses and mirrors Safety (GP). NOTE: You can contact us to inform you about the coverage included in the above types of insurance.
Our offices are open from 8:00 to 20:00. Of course you can deliver or pick up your vehicle off office hours upon request.
During your reservation you can pay by bank transfer, credit card through Paypal even payment in our office. Get in touch with us to find out more details.
If you booked through our website you should contact us with the number of your reservation i case you need some change or cancellation. If you request a cancellation our cancellation policy applies and you may lose your deposit.
The amount of the deposit is refundable in case of cancellation up to 15 days before the date of the delivery vehicle. In case of cancellation in a period less than 15 days we can not refund your deposit.