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We welcome you to our Blog

We are very excited to introduce you to our new blog & website. This is where we plan to share our thoughts and our next big ideas for our company and you our customers! We also plan to give you updates on our activities, including the latest news on our fleet, our programs and events as well as our partners in Greece and elsewhere. Or, most probably we will share whatever comes up toy our mind.

Looking back: We had a very fast start

We have come a long way since launching our business 15 years ago in Thessaloniki Greece. We constructed our initial website back in August 2013, letting the world know of our services in car rentals. In 2016 we launched our current website offering our newest booking system as well as a blog with news, events and updates.

We didn't have any idea of the warm response we would receive from our customers.

We had the best results possible. Emails and phone calls were comming from all over Greece and abroad congradulating us for our effort! We were very pleased from the responses of our customers and others.

A look ahead offering innovating services

Our goal at Care Rental Extreme is to keep all of you satisfied with our services, our prompt response and our cars' safety. We continuously updating our fleet with new models of cars and vans for your convenience and we expanding our pick up and drop off locations all over Greece. We try to please our customers offering the best prices at the car rental market for the different services we offer.

Take a tour of our new website

We invite you to take a tour of our new blog, bookmark our website & comment on our posts to stay up to date on our news. We promise you that we will have a lot of articles to share in the coming weeks & months.

We work for you and thank you

As we stated we are trying to offer you the most convenient booking system and please you with our services. Part of that is the launch of our new website at an exciting time.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your dedication, your love and support you have offered to our business for so many years! We hope we will always be next to you for the coming years. We welcome you to our blog and advise you to rent your car this summer from Fend Car Rental and travel to Chalkidiki for the most exiting holidays!

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