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FEND Car rentals Evosmos, Thessaloniki

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Care rentals in Evosmos Thessaloniki

Where is Evosmos

Evosmos is a suburb of the Thessaloniki urban area and was a former municipality of Thessaloniki the capital of north Greece. Evosmos is located to the north - west of Thessaloniki. Evosmos was established in the early 20th Century where lots of refugees from Asia Minor settled in the area. The later years there is a dramatic increase in population. That brought lots of businesses in the area surrounding Evosmos.

The major roads

Evosmos is surrounded by major roads. In the north of the area there is Egnatia Odos that connects Italy with Turkey and passes through north Greece. It's one of the major roads connecting East and West. Our offices are near by this road and that helps you connect to all major cities of northern Greece.
Below Egnatia Odos there is the Ring Road of Thessaloniki that helps you go from the west of the city to the east, where the airport is, in just 25 minutes! There are also other roads to the south of Evosmos that connect Evosmos to the center of Thessaloniki and to the road of Athens the capital of Greece.

Our offices

For some years we were searching for the best possible area to build our offices. There was a plan to locate our offices to the east of the city of Thessaloniki but because of the major roads that surround Evosmos we decided to build our offices there.

Other locations of service

We cover the whole area of Thesaloniki and we can deliver or pick up your car from lots of locations in and out of the city. Our locations include MACEDONIA AIRPORT (SKG), CENTRAL BUS STATION (MENEMENI AREA), TRAIN STATION (MONASTIRIOU STR.), CENTRAL BUS STATION OF CHALKIDIKI and the PORT OF THESSALONIKI. Of course we can deliver your rented car even to your home!

We are expecting you in our offices in Evosmos

You can visit our car rental offices at Evosmos Thessaloniki at Lekka street. For your convenience we are open all day but we also can deliver your car at your preferred location.

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